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  Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it.

  Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


  There are those who believe advertising is stillable to persuade us to buy goods/products,but there are others who say that because there is so much advertising these days,we basicaly ignore it The following essay will look at both sides of this, and describe what I believe.

  Advertising is still a powerful tool these days and can inform us of new products to the market.Through not only physical media on buses and in train stations but also virtual media,the internet,mobile gaming and the like, it is a part of not only our "everyday" life but "every minute" Whether this actually goes beyond informing and actually persuades us, I believe,is another matter, For example,when getting pop-ups on my computer advertising something,not everyone actually looks and absorbs the information before hitting 'x' and closing it.

  I agree with those who believe the sheer quantity of adverts in modern society is numbing the actual effect of them. In a society, we see advertisements everywhere we look and almost every minute of every day. This may be in the form of radio adverts in the car on our commute to work, to pop-ups on our computer or mobile, to the TV adverts we see as we relax at home. They're simply everywhere. For this exact reason, I think that we simply don't register them in the same way as we once did. For me personally, I simply don't remember half the adverts that I see and automatically close them, or block them entirely on my computer.

  In conclusion, I firmly believe that advertising does have its place in modern-day life to inform us of new and interesting products. However, I don't really believe that this information actually persuades us to buy at the time of the advert. Potentially later, but not necessarily that exact product, and certainly not at that precise time.







  By someactounts,advertisingis as old as commerceitself. Wherever there has ben a product ht was not esential to our survival,there was some advertisement which atenpted to persuade wople to purchase it Yet,it has been argued that the omnipresence of advertisements in today's wodid has lesened their effect on our inclination to buy things.

  It is important to consider advertising as a science, as it relies on many psychological theories to appeal to our innate desires when attempting to alter our purchasing habits. Indeed,the golden age of advertising in the USA during the 1950s and 1960scoincided with many breakthroughs in our understanding of human psychology. Even to this very day, there are still advertisements which are very effective at playing upon our innate psychological urges. For instance, companies such as Nike and Adidas appeal to our desire to perform at our physical peak and to outcompete our rivals; therefore,they use top-performing athletes in their ads. Other companies appeal to our desire to be unique,as can be seen in Apple's slogan "think different".As a result, many people purchase Apple products despite their internal components being equivalent or even inferior to those of similar devices.

  It is possible that advertising has oversaturated the market. Simply browsing online for a short time reveals an endless stream of ads in the margins of every website, and in the gaps between videos. The majority of these ads almost blend into the background and are ignored. Even the most pithy and humorous ads are often forgotten within a few moments, and the viewer's awareness of the advertisement's attempt at persuasion often leads to the ad being skipped over regardless of how good the product or service it is announcing may be. Some advertisements even try to take advantage of this phenomenon by opening with a sort of "meta" awareness in the first opening seconds, with the host saying something to the effect of "Yes this is an ad and I am trying to convince you..".Even this becomes stale after the tenth rendition.

  My view is that advertising is like entropy: ads eventually reach a sort of "heat-death" where in they no longer possess any more persuasive power. Watching the same kind of advertisement with the same kind of message over and over is boring and does not catch one's attention. The level of persuasiveness which ads currently possess may have reached its peak based on their content and style. However, this may be mitigated in part by the fact that human creativity is limitless, and as society and culture changes, there will always be different avenues of persuasion or relatability which ads will use to leverage our attention.


  把广告视为一门科学非常重要,因为广告依靠心理学理论来迎合我们的内在欲望,从而试图改变我们的消费习惯。事实上,在上世纪五六十年代,美国广告业的黄金时期正是我们在研究人类心理学上取得突破的时刻。直至今日,仍然有广告能有效地利用我们内在的心理冲动。例如,耐克和阿迪达斯等公司满足了我们的愿望,即在体能达到顶峰时表现出色,并与竞争对手一较高下。因此,他们请顶尖的运动员做广告代言人。其他公司也迎合了我们想要与众不同的心理,从苹果公司的广告语“think different”中就可以看出这一点。因此,尽管苹果产品的内部组件与同类产品相同,甚至是更差,仍有许多人购买苹果产品。



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