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  In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough.What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


  Some places in the world tell their offspring that anything can be achieved if enough effort is applied.There are various advantages and disadvantages to this which the following essay will describe.

  I fully support those that encourage children to push themselves into achieving anything they want.I believe the advantages of this are that it will teach the children perseverance, dedication,and potentially learn how to deal with failure. For example, when learning to ride a bicycle a child might fall off many times, but if they keep trying and ignore the bruised and cut knees like I did when I was younger, they'll find that eventually, they can ride a bike safely.

  Potential disadvantages to this strategy may come from the parents, or guardians,pushing a little too hard and not being patient enough to allow the child to learn. This could potentially end up teaching the child the wrong lesson, and not be a form of encouragement at all. Children may become upset,closed off and depressed and finally, believe that nothing is worth doing.

  Overall,although there are arguments on both sides of this issue I firmly believe that,if done correctly, it can be a wholly positive experience for children that will give them valuable experience at an early age that will be a huge benefit later in life. These children can grow up to be significant contributors to the public or private sectors as they are unlikely to give up at the first difficult hurdle, and possibly go on to do great things.






  Encouragement is a tricky hing whenit comes to childhood development,In some cultures,teling children that their potential is limited only to their work ethic is commonplace.The effect of this message on children is a bit mixed.

  In some ways, telling children that they can do anything if they try hard enough is a positisve motivating factor.After all, it is important that young people strive to be exceptional.But before children can work hard towards a goal, they must have a notion that their goal can be reached; otherwise,they may not try at all. This is the bedrock of many successful people and ocieties around the world. Just look at what the USA accomplished in the 1960s when they put a man on the moon! NASA's rocket lab itself was founded by young men and women who believed that even the stars in the sky were within humanity's grasp if they just worked hard enough to figure out the science behind getting there.

  There is certainly a downside to instilling children with the idea that their potential is limit-less.A sad fact of reality is that not all individuals will achieve their goals no matter how hard they try. Perhaps because of being born into poverty, or having the bad fortune of living in a country that is struck by war or natural disaster, or countless other reasons, children may work hard their entire life and never achieve even half of what they set out to do. This can lead to severe depression

  in individuals,and even civil unrest in nations where large populations of the youth feel disenfran-chised.However, spreading the message among children emphasizes the importance of ensuring that young people work hard and work smart. In this way, they do not simply toil in vain but rather set meaningful goals which they can achieve and feel a sense of accomplishment.

  In conclusion, telling children that they can achieve anything as long as they work hard enough certainly imbues them with a strong work ethic. This is a quality that will serve them well for the rest of heir Iives, While various misfortunes of reality may interfere with the success ofindividuals, working hard is nonetheless a good trait to have and is a justifabie excuse to tell children that they are without limits.





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