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  run-on sentence流水句;溶合句;不间断句子;缺乏连接词或标点符号的长句。


  A run-on sentence is a sentence in which two or more independent clauses (that is, complete sentences) are joined with no punctuation or conjunction.


  Obviously, the problem of greenhouse effect is one of the biggest problems that had many big conferences between countries to discuss it today,(这里应该用句号或分号, 连接两个完整的句子)(用句号时大写The)the movie is just magnifying the effect of this problem in order to lead the reason of this clime disaster more believable.

  Moreover, before the main catastrophe happened in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW there are many small disasters appeared in the movie, like hail and cyclone which(避免重复可用that) could be seen in the(去掉the, 平常生活中in ordinary life)normal life, that(非限定性定语从句用which引导)let the story(缺少谓语动词be或不妨用“makes+形容词”结构更恰当)more closed to people’s experience and give(与前makes并列,用单三形式gives)the audience more soul shock than 2012.

  In 2012, the communication between the people is not enough,(逗号可改为冒号:或破折号——表示其后的句子解释说明)the main action in this story is just run--- run on foot, run by car, run by plane and at last run by a huge ship.


  We also incorporated sixteen-century English vocabulary into our speech. Substituting good morrow for “good morning” and gramercy for “thank you”.


  B. speech, we substituted

  C. speech, substituting

  D. speech; substituting










  (1) 并列连词and和or可以连接分句。如:

  He gained a B in English and now he plans to study Spanish. 他英语得了一个B,现在打算去学西班牙语。

  Do you want a bath at once, or shall I have mine first? 你是马上洗澡还是让我先洗?

  (2) or连接两个并列的动词或其他单词。如:

  We will not pay ransom or do deals for hostages. 我们不付赎金,也不会救人质做交易。

  Are you going to water the garden before or after supper? 你打算在晚饭前还是晚饭后给花园浇水?

  (3) and可连接两个分句,表示“只要…就…”。如:

  Do that again and I'll call a policeman! 你要再这样,我就叫警察了。

  Give him an inch and he will take a mile. 他会得寸进尺。

  (4) or可引起分句,表示“否则”。如:

  Hurry up, or you'll be late for school. 赶快,否则你上学就要迟到了。

  Now I must go or I shall be late for the birthday party. 现在我必须走了,否则我就会误了生日聚会。



  (1) but可以连接两个并列分句或并列成分。如:

  I ought to have helped her, but I never could. 我应当给她帮助的,却一直未能这样做。

  Nicholas no longer felt disappointed, but happy and hopeful. 尼古拉斯不再感到沮丧,而是高兴,充满希望。

  Quickly but silently she darted out of the room. 她快速但悄悄地跑出屋去。

  (2) but也可引起状语。如:

  Quentin tried to save it, but in vain. 昆廷试着拯救它,但没用。

  Rex worked hard but without any success. 雷克斯努力干却未取得成功。

  (3) but 引起一个句子,表示对前面句子的转折。如:

  Roy made good promises but seldom kept them. 罗伊说得很好听,就是很少遵守诺言。


  (1) yet可连接两个分句表示转折。如:

  Oscar said he was our friend, yet he wouldn't help us. 奥斯卡说他是我们的朋友,但却不肯帮助我们。

  I have failed, yet I shall try again. 我失败了,但我还要试一试。

  (2) yet可用于句首。如:

  Yet the house was cheerful. 但屋子里充满欢乐的气氛。

  Yet its population has doubled. 但它的人口翻了一番。

  (3) yet可与and或but连用。如:

  Megan's vain and foolish, and yet people like her. 梅甘很虚荣、愚蠢,但人们却喜欢她。

  Karida's a funny girl, but yet you can't help liking her. 卡瑞达是一个奇怪的姑娘,但你禁不住会喜欢她。


  (1) 表示转折,通常插在句子中间,介于连词和副词之间。如:

  Christine, however, was enjoying herself thoroughly. 而克里斯汀却玩得很高兴。

  Lorraine was not, however, aware of the circumstances. 不过罗琳对这情况不知情。


  (2) however可放在句首或句尾。如:

  However, they did not seem to have much effect. 但它们似乎没有多少作用。

  You know all this as well as I do however. 不过这一切你和我都一样清楚。


  (1) nevertheless为副词,表示意思的转折,多放在分句或句子之首。如:

  Marcus was angry, nevertheless he listened to me. 马库斯很生气,不过他还是听我讲。 Nevertheless, she decided to act. 尽管如此,她仍决定采取行动。

  (2) 有时插在句中或放在句尾。如:

  What you said was true but it was nevertheless unkind. 你讲的是真实的,但仍然有些无情。

  Although he's a fool, I like him nevertheless. 虽说他很傻,但我仍然喜欢他。


  (1) for引起的分句表示原因时,多数是对前面谈的情况加以解释,并用逗号把它和前面的分句分开,多用于书面语。如:

  Loren shook his head, for he thought differently. 劳伦摇了摇头,因为他有不同的想法。

  Amber was angry, for she didn't know French. 安伯很生气,因为她不懂法语。

  (2) so表示结果,可译为“因此,所以,于是”。如:

  She asked me to go, so I went. 她让我去,所以我就去了。

  Marcy told me to do it, so I did it. 马西让我这样做,于是我就这样做了。

  (3) therefore表示“因此” “所以”,多放在分句或句子之首。如:

  It rained; therefore, the game was called off. 下雨了,因此比赛取消了。

  I think, therefore I am. 我思故我在。


  其他并列连词有either...or,neither...nor,not only...but also,as well as,它们也起连词作用。如:

  (1) either...or主要连接两个并列成分,表示“…或是…”。如:

  We can either fly there or go by train. 我们可以坐飞机去,也可坐火车去。

  We can have either fish or beef. 我们可以吃鱼或是牛肉。

  (2) neither...nor表示“既不…又不…”,可连接两个主语、宾语、表语、谓语或状语。如:

  Neither Austria nor Germany would listen to the suggestion. 奥地利和德国都不听这个建议。

  I have neither time nor money. 我既无时间又无钱。

  Rock neither drinks nor smokes. 洛克既不喝酒,也不抽烟。

  They work neither for fame nor for personal gain. 他们工作既不为名也不为利。

  (3) not only...but (also)...表示“不仅…而且…”,用来连接两个并列的成分。如:

  Not only my mother was unhappy, but Marian, too. 不仅我母亲不快乐,玛丽安也不快乐。

  Their decision will affect not only our class but also the whole school. 他们的决定不仅会影响到我们班,而且会影响到我们学校。

  (4) as well as也起连词作用,表示“同” “和” “也”等。如:

  It is important for you as well as for me. 这对你和对我都很重要。

  We cannot expect her to do the homework as well as look after the children. 我们不能指望她既做作业又照看孩子。

  (5) both...and也有连词的作用。如:

  Both his mother and his father will be there.他父母二人都要去那里。

  Tonight Mary will both sing and dance. 今晚玛丽既要唱歌又要跳舞。


  1. Viewers witness art in motion, they are like a flock of elegant windmills.


  B. something to describe

  C. because something

  D. something

  2. Rickey was born in Indiana. The grandson of a clockmaker and the son of an engineer at a sewing machine company, however, the future artist grew up in a family with mechanical features.


  B. for instance

  C. meanwhile

  D. DELETE the underlined portion

  3. Astronomy students at the Colorado Scholl for the Deaf and the Blind field tested the illustrations and offered suggestions for improvement. When Grice and the students were finally satisfied, the illustrations were stamped onto metal plates, which were then used to mass-produce molded plastic pages.


  B. Nevertheless, when

  C. On the contrary, when

  D. For this reason, when


  1. A有两个问题,首先they指代的是viewers但是这里应该指代art,第二个这里就是两个句子犯了run-on错误





  2. A中however前面只有主语没有谓语,句子不完整


  D是正确的,因为前面的the grandson of a clockmaker and the son of an engineer at a sewing machine company是the future artist的同位语,因此不能用连词,逗号分隔修饰就可以了。


  3. G、H、J前后文没有上下文关系,G是让步H是对比J是因果



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