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Section 1





Questions 1-10

1. School name (拼读)Monterey Heights Primary School

2. Registration: pick up pack at the school library before 5 afternoon

3. Form need: health form from doctor and dentist

4. No transportation is provided

5. On-site pick up service for working parents

6. Open day: details can be found by mail and website

7. Meet the teacher and be given schedule

8. City Youth Council

9. First day is on August 19

10. From 8.00 to 2.05

Section 2





Questions 11-16

A. friendly service

B. repair bikes

C. lowest price (cheapest)

D. a wide range of equipment (loads of equipment, helmet, light)

E. latest bike models (up-to-date)

F. used bikes (second-hand bikes)

G. hire bikes (rent bikes)

H. discount for club members (10% in reduction)


11. Halliday’s Bike:

12. Allan’s Bike:

13. Place for Bike:

14. Ride My Bike:

15. Wheel and More:

16. Speedy Dave: C  


Questions 17-18

Which TWO features does Gilly consider when buying a new bike?

A. Speed

B. comfort (you don’t want pain in backs and muscles)

C. safety features (nowadays all bikes are safe)

D. other features (you might want to do that later)

E. appearance


Questions 19-20

Which Two routes are suitable for inexperienced riders?

B. Pendleback Hill  quiet road

D. Haltford to Lee  countryside

Section 3





Questions 21-24

21. The tutor likes the topic because

B. other students will be interested in the topic

(could spark discussion among students)


22. When interviewees listen to the songs of the teenager years music, and ask

B. whom the songs remind you of


23. The research is the first to  

A. include so many participants

(it’s the scale of it that impresses me, 64000 respondents from the world is involved in the research)


24. Sarah doubts the finding because 

C. its data may be unreliable (I’m skeptical about the data, don’t trust it)


Question 25-30

A. information is inaccurate

B. respondents are not interested(too dull)

C. too detailed (too many facts)

D. incomplete statistics (too dull)

E. needs more expert opinion (listen more to other scholars)

F. make it more relevant (link better)

G. not fit for everyone


25. Background research: C

26. Other similar research: B 

27. research topic:

28. market research:

29. presentation: E

30. future research: F

Section 4




Mangrove 海边红树林

Questions 31-40

31. The forest helps to prevent flooding from the sea.

32. The trunk and leaves be used by local farmers as firewood.

33. Numerous plants can be poisoned by fertilizer.

34. Residents put trash on Mangroves Forest.

35. The natural barrier is the sand.

36. The color of the seeds is grey.

37. The bush should be watered with rain water.

38. A barrier was made of hot house.

39. It used to be destroyed in a storm.

40. According to the recent survey, the population of rabbit is increasing.


Passage 1


Botany and Americas

Content Review

P1. The territory that comprises the world... has its own indigenous food …


P2. Tomatoes are native to South America, in fact, several species are still found growing wild in the Andes. Brought to Mexico, tomatoes were domesticated and cultivated there by 500 BC. (大概)


P3. Pineapple… found in both halves of Americas, coconut derived from the hot regions in South America.


P4. The grain of the world would largely be wheat and rice… coco was used to make chocolate and grinded into powder which was used as a beverage in Britain. And some plants could be used for sweet ingredient in food.


P5. The agave was used for the production of paper… the other species of this plant became a nuisance in Australia.


P6. The way for people to cook tomato has changed--- Mexican had its own cooking method. When it was introduced into Britain, the way for cooking has changed.


Questions & Answers

Questions 1-4 信息填补题

Tomato has higher 1. yield than wheat, and has a medical value because of its 2. ascorbic acid. European people like tomato because of its 3. flavor and because it can be kept for a relatively long time. Spanish found it being grown as a food near the coast of Pacific Ocean. And Mexican began eating it at or before 4. 1537.


Questions 5-9 是非判断题

5. The cocoa were already drunk in Mexico when European arrived there. (Not Given)

6. Maize, rice and wheat require different climate conditions. (True)

7. European attempts to cultivate agave failed. (False) 有提到例外exception

8. Priestly’s sample of rubber was found in South America by British expedition. (False) 应该是French

9. The use of rubber was first found by British. (False) 是墨西哥某人发现的


Questions 10-13 配对题

10. The species of plant became a problem in certain parts of the world.   E

11. The way people eat it has changed.   E

12. The plant could be used to produce paper.   A

13. The plant could be used to make sweeter.   C


A. Agave

B. Wheat

C. Maize

D. Rice

E. tomato

Passage 2


The internal clock

Content Review

A. From buffalos to algae... (中间讲了一个早期研究,主要研究在没有光照时植物的生长情况。)

B. 中间提到一天中的交通事故发生率最高的两个时间点(其中一个好像是8点)

C. 提到了一个bestseller以及书中的一个观点。

D. 整段出现比较多负面的词汇,批判一个数据分析的方式有问题。

E. 待回忆

F. 待回忆

G. 待回忆

H. 讲了一个研究,但好像仍然无法解答问题。文章最后一句话大意是“虽然这些问题无法回答,但是有一个答案是确定的,即internal clock不是现代(modern)社会的产物。”


Questions & Answers

Questions 14-18 段落细节信息配对

14. Supports from earlier experiments on insects   F

15. Criticism of the way some research data was analyzed   D

16. Reference to a test on plants   A

17. Statement that the length of natural clocks varies between living things   E

18. Reference to a theory which is popular in the public   C


Questions 19-22 summary

SCN can perceive 19. daylight as a result of connections to the eye.

Some years later, research involved 20. fruit flies show that it is regulated by 21. genes or ‘internal clock’ in cells. Research reveals a 22. circadian cycle.


Questions 23-24 多选题

Which TWO problems are linked with internal clock?


C. An increase in traffic casualties on the road in some time of a day

D. A decrease in work efficiency on a fixed number of days


Questions 25-26 多选题

Which TWO issues remain to be solved?

(答案对应在文章倒数第二段某句话,两个答案刚好集中在一起用‘and’链接,大概原文是why… and how…

C. The reasons for internal clock being driven out of sun rhythm

D. The way in which individual living organism in cells keeps in steps with each other

Passage 3



Content Review

P1 The Starkly Modern Beinecke Library is the home to the most valuable books at Yale University. But the most controversial one is the vellum manuscript of the hardback. It was bought by Wilfried Voynich at Jesuit College in Italy in 1912.


P2 Over the years, it attracted much attention, from amateur to top codebreakers. Experts want to know what does this manuscript mean? There is doubt about when did this manuscript be written. William Newbold had evidence to show that the manuscript is not written by Wilfried Voynich, who bought this from Italy.


P3 Page after page of wired plants, astrological pictures or human figures, does it have many special meaning or even genuine meanings?


P4 William Friedman, who is the professor at Yale University, is one of these researchers. His team thought the manuscript concealed the real meaning and was made out of more than 70 symbols among the 17,000 characters in a text.


P5 According to Friedman’s research, the manuscript may use the artificial language.


P6 Friedman suggested we could use computer to transfer the code. And artificial language has been used either.


P7 However, there are still many problems unanswered. ‘It has little advances on our manuscript research.’ Says Rugg, other experts who work on decoding the manuscript. Friedman is really optimistic, he thinks that there will be more ‘Voynichese’ keep doing the code breaking.


P8. Many scholars think the manuscript may have genuine meaning. But there is no evidence now.


P9 What is told us is that the manuscript kept lock and key at Yale University has never lost none of its fascination.


Questions & Answers

Questions 27-30 TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN

27. It is uncertain when was the Voynich Manuscript written.   False

28. The Voynich Manuscript was donated by Wilfried Voynich to the library Yale University.   Not Given

29. The manuscript was made out of less than 70 symbols.   False

30. The manuscript attracted diverse attention. People in many fields like professor or experts also have interest on it.   True


Questions 31-34 matching

31. The times of the word appearing suggests that the transcript may be written by artificial language.   C

32. Unlike other mysterious objects, people have direct access to the transcript.  A

33. The person who wrote the manuscript was not entirely insane.    B

34. The true author may be the same one suggested by Voynich.   D


A. Rugg

B. Bacon

C. William Friedman

D. William Newbold

E. Wilfried Voynich

F. Shelfried


Questions 35-39 complete the summary below

There are many codebreakers work on the manuscript. William Newbold thought at that era, when the manuscript shows up, people can look cells through 35. microscope.

William Friedman’s team has a thought that the manuscript use 36. symbols to represent text. But the research on the symbols has no apparently process. Freidman thinks there will be more 37. Voynichese to bring advances in research.

Some other experts invented a new system to pick up symbols in a 38. table, which helps study the manuscript.

Rugg invented a system called 39. spectral system to study the manuscript.


Question 40

40. the writer’s main aim in writing this article

C. explain numerous attempts to decode the manuscript


Task 1

Type of questions



The following table shows the situation of age, income and poverty in three states of America in 2002.





Under 18 years old




65 years old and over








Under poverty line




Task 2



Type of questions



Some groups of people have benefited from modern communication technology, but others think they don’t benefit from it at all.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


  Part 1

People & Animal

Pop star


Indoor Games



Daily routine








Vegetables and fruits




Music//Musical Instruments


Emails and Letters


Work or study



Forget things



  Part 2&3

People & Animal

Describe an interesting neighbor.有趣的邻居

Describe a famous person that you are interested in.名人

Describe two people you know from the same family.两个来自同一家庭的人

Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage.幸福的婚姻


Describe an experience you spend your time with a child.和小孩共度时光

Describe an event in history in your country.历史事件

Describe a time that you were waiting for something.等待

Describe an experience that you were not allowed to use your mobile phone.禁用手机

Describe a time you had to wait for something special to happen.等待特别的事情

Describe a leisure activity near the ocean.海边活动

Describe something you want to do for a long time but you havent done yet.想做的事

Describe a time you saw lots of people were smiling.好笑的场合

Describe a great change in your life.巨大的变化


Describe a book you want to read again.重读的书

Describe a kind of foreign food you have had.外国食品

Describe a time that you had a free gift.免费礼物

Describe your favourite piece of clothing.喜欢的衣服

Describe an occasion that you had a special cake.特殊的蛋糕


Describe a café or restaurant you like to visit.咖啡馆


Describe a website you like to visit.喜欢访问的网站


Describe a kind of weather you like.喜欢的天气

重点话题Sample Answer

Describe a café or restaurant you like to visit.

You should say:

Where the café/restaurant is

What kinds of food and drink this place serves

How often you visit this place

And why you like to visit this place.


Well the café that I'd like to talk about is one called the Elephant House in Edinburgh. This is the cafe where the idea of Harry Potter was born.


Unlike other coffee shops we normally go, the Elephant House Café is a great spot to hang out, with a slight countryside feel, and is popular with fans from across the world to leave a note on the walls.


The atmosphere here is extremely tranquil and serene, which greatly live up to my expectation. As a person with heavy amounts of daily workload, the café gives me a certain degree of peacefulness and calmness.


What leaves the most profound impression on me is that this coffee shop was bustling, but we were able to get a table pretty quickly. They had a full menu as well as a coffee-tea-hot chocolate plus dessert menu. As we were there between meals, we shared a piece of very creamy cheesecake and a salted caramel brownie. In the bathroom, the walls are covered with graffiti either praising Rowling or other fandom sayings.


Overall, the Elephant House café is a fantastic place to stop for a snake and definitely worth a visit.





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